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We are currently rolling out a new feature that will allow us to publish PWAs as an Android Package (APK) within the Google Play Store, just like any other native app. This recent development is certainly a game changer & presents a huge opportunity for PWAs that could benefit from the exposure provided by the Google Play Store.
According to various credible sources, more and more companies are beginning to shift away from native apps in order to adopt a PWA strategy instead.
Twitter is a great example of this as they've placed a great deal of emphasis on their PWA platform - Twitter Lite.
A case study conducted by Google revealed that Twitter Lite is now the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable way to use Twitter. The web app rivals the performance of our native apps but requires less than 3% of the device storage space compared to Twitter for Android.


PWA for Android - Kloutr

Uninterrupted Access To A Larger Audience

Add To Home Screen PWA by Kloutr

Replace 'Add To Home Screen' With Google Play Store prompt

PWA by Kloutr

Enhanced User Experience On Mobile + Hidden URL

Monetization PWA Kloutr

App Monetization Using Google Adsense & AdMob To Serve Native Ads

Chrome Android PWA by Kloutr

Synced With Chrome For Real-Time Updates + Free Browser Extension


PWA on Google Play (Android)


Google Play charges a once-off fee of $25 to submit an app for review.

In addition to this, we charge a once-off, non-refundable developer fee of R750 to convert your PWA into an Android Package [APK] format with all the necessary assets required BEFORE it's submitted for review/approval. Your subscription fee will NOT change as a result.

While we're confident that solutions will be implemented to address some of the technicalities/drawbacks associated with this feature, we cannot fully guarantee app store approval or uninterrupted functionality of apps published to the Google Play store.


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