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Innanetwav. (UU) is an independent record label and media company based in Johannesburg. Since their launch, they've managed to establish a very strong following by creating and distributing high-quality content via their digital assets.


As their name implies, the brand's image is essentially built around it's digital presence. Our task was to consolidate their digital assets by centralizing all it's channels. This allows them to drive more traffic to their platform & gives them greater control in terms of marketing, content distribution and monetization.

We used subdomains to create unique platforms for every artist under the label. For instance, if a user is looking for content by The Big Hash, they'll be redirected to his unique subdomain - a user arrives on his platform, they'll be prompted to install the web app on their device. This presents a great opportunity to increase engagement & generate additional revenue by taking advantage of native push notifications within the app.

Click here to check out their website.


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